Our camps are created to provide a genuine “back to nature” experience, with a focus on the safaris’ experiential components. Many tourists express a great desire to return to the original safari concept, which allowed visitors to touch, smell, feel, and experience the wild while keeping their feet firmly planted in the ground. Away from the stresses of “regular” life, this ultimate connection with the earth, culture, and wildlife in a very close-up and personal way provides an experience that is unique in the true sense of the term!

The frills and other “add-ons” that you might anticipate in a permanent tented camp or lodge must sometimes be sacrificed because some of these camps are semi-permanent and seasonal. However, ensuring total comfort is still a top priority. Those who are willing to give up some traditional “necessities” in order to be free of structures and all the equipment that comes with them will be able to fall asleep listening solely to the deafening quiet of the desert and awaken to a chorus that heralds the beginning of a new day. It’s the kind of closeness that can only be attained by taking visitors to the wildest, most secluded, and private locations possible while keeping them far off the beaten track.

At each of our locations, we promise to provide our known warm hospitality, although there are different levels of overall comfort and experience offered. As a result, we have designated them as comfort, classic, and premium in order to distinguish between them.


Every facet of our desire to revolutionize immersive adventure and luxury is emphasized by Camp Sossus. Our personal understanding of this includes complete comfort, privacy, closeness, experiential emphasis, and adaptability at every turn. The camp is a fantastic alternative to any conventional lodge or camp in the Sossusvlei region and only has six tented guest rooms. It also offers unmatched opportunity for immersive exploration of the Namib Desert environment. The tented guest rooms’ big west-facing windows and south-facing doors allow for natural cooling from the afternoon’s main south westerly wind, and each tent has a basic infrastructure that provides key amenities.

These amenities include comfortable extra-long three-quarter twin beds, solar lighting, a 220V electrical charging station, pedestal fans, shaded patios, shaded daybeds, and a magnificent star bed. They also include semi-open-air en suite bathrooms with flush toilets and hot bucket showers with locally sourced amenities. Therefore, the camp’s experiential and immersive core continues.



Huab Under Canvas is nestled in a grove of Mopane trees on the banks of a tributary of the //Huab River in the heart of Damaraland. Protected from all the prevailing winds and sun, the camp is virtually invisible from anywhere around and it carries arguably the lowest environmental footprint of any camp in Namibia. Tents are raised on mobile platforms and have basic infrastructure such as single beds, cupboards, solar power and some important comforts such as en suite flush toilets and bucket showers. However, the essence of the camp remains under canvas, mobile and experiential.


Onduli Ridge, named after the resident giraffe of the area, is built at the base of two south facing granite outcrops which are connected by a ridge. This location allows for magnificent views of Namibia’s highest mountain, the Brandberg, to the south and the dispersed cathedral-like granite inselbergs to the north. The six suites are hidden amongst the granite boulders that nestle the camp and the more temperate climate of central Damaraland allows for naturally ventilated suites, partial open-air bathrooms and largely open communal areas. The camp is designed to maximise the views of this most extraordinary landscape and every space becomes a viewpoint whether from the bed, the desk or the bathroom. Louvered shutters can be opened completely, blurring the lines between the indoors and nature, or closed for complete privacy if required. A king size bed cooled by its own ‘climate conditioner’ (Evening Breeze) is also the perfect place for afternoon siestas and the bed can be rolled out onto your private deck for a night under a billion stars as required. The camp exudes character and meticulous attention to detail meeting all requirements, from large rooms to libraries, rain showers and plenty of places to laze. Food to tantalize the palate after enjoying exceptional activities combines a genuinely unforgettable stay with exceptional quality while blending effortlessly into the natural surroundings.


Located in Windhoek and named after the famous explorer Sir Francis Galton, Galton House has a relaxed but efficient style which creates a very welcoming atmosphere. Impressive wildlife photography adorns the walls whilst the rest of the interior is a combination of modern minimalistic and understated chic. A mere ten minute drive from the centre of town and perched on the edge of Windhoek’s northernmost affluent suburb of Eros, guests here are assured of a suitably relaxing stay with friendly and caring service. The communal areas consist of a large lounge, indoor and outdoor dining areas, a swimming pool, an early arrival/late departure day room (including toilet, shower, changing and re-packing facility) as well as understated garden areas. There is also a delightful ‘al fresco’ dining area by the pool where freshly prepared and very tasty meals can be served (including lunch and dinner). A number of shops, restaurants and supermarkets are within easy striking distance.

Our Safaris

We are committed to providing world-class experiences for sophisticated and discerning travellers, offering great attention to detail in order to maintain the highest standards when planning and organizing safaris while still delivering excellent value for money. Our aim is to provide safaris that are educational, explorative, fun, insightful, and ultimately life enriching, with benefit for the places and people that we visit as well as for the guests we take there.


Our experience and resources enable us to offer complete solutions for film crews wanting to work in Namibia. This involves the provision of staff and suitable vehicles to move crews around; setting up fully serviced film base camps; scouting for locations, and the facilitation of the necessary permits.



Family travel is one of the world’s fastest growing sectors and we can arrange for families to stay in camps where staff are accustomed to children and also happy to involve the children in duties where possible – they can often be found helping to prepare snacks in the kitchen with the chefs or out on walks with the local guides. Family safaris are not in any way lesser or ‘watered down’ safaris; they still offer great areas, top guides and excellent experiences, but with the high degree of flexibility that families often need. All children travelling with us automatically qualify for our GUIDES IN TRAINING programme.


These safaris also offer a unique way of experiencing some of the more spectacular areas in Namibia with a very light footprint, getting close to the amazing geology, desert, and wildlife while on a mountain bike or on foot.


These are safaris created for specific international tour operators or travel agents who sell these safaris exclusively to their own clients in the name of their respective organizations.


These are safaris created specifically in support of specific conservation organisations or projects, with proceeds going directly to these causes.


Each of these safaris are led by one or more of our highly respected naturalist guides who can also act as drivers of the private safari vehicles when travelling overland, thus allowing guests to sit back, relax and soak up their safari journeys.


Flying by either scheduled air transfers or private charter flights enables guests to see more places in a shorter time. The variations in the vast landscapes are emphasized from the air, and it is a particular privilege to see some of the areas you cannot easily reach by vehicle.


Our enthusiasm for guided safaris and the extremely high quality of our guiding tribe mean that we would always recommend travelling with one of our guides. However, we are also willing and able to arrange self-drive safaris for partners when they feel this would be more appropriate for their guests.


We are fortunate to have been trusted with the safari arrangements for a number of well-known and influential visitors, including world leaders and royalty as well as other high nett-worth individuals and celebrities.


Our specialized safari vehicles are perfectly equipped for these safaris, being kitted out with custom made stackable bean bags for use at each window (and when using the pop top roof) as well as invertors and sockets for charging electronic equipment and batteries.


With 660 bird species of which 14 are near-endemic and one endemic, Namibia is a birder’s paradise.

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