A remote and undisturbed Safari Experience

The Linyanti Wildlife Reserve is located on the southern bank of the Linyanti River, which serves as a border between Botswana and Namibia by natural means. Beautiful environment including unspoiled grasslands, riverine woodland, and meandering lagoons may be found in this private concession. In contrast to its East neighbors, Chobe National Park, and the Okavango Delta in the South, Linyanti is still incredibly underutilized and has a lot of animals. This 1,250 sq km protected sanctuary is filled to the brim with game that is utterly mesmerizing in both the wet and dry seasons due to its distant position. As thousands of exotic species travel to this area during the green season, avid bird fans will be in wonder. On the banks of the Linyanti River, carmine bee-eaters are frequently spotted building their nests.


Wildlife sightings include elephant, kudu, sable antelope, zebra, wildebeest, gemsbok, the rare and endangered roan antelope, buffalo, giraffe, lion, leopard, hyena, and many other wildlife species.

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Seasonal Information

January is traditionally the rainy season in the Linyanti area, but this should not be seen as a negative as the rains bring life to the wilderness. Migrant birds are in full breeding plumage, there are lots of baby animals around and the vegetation is bright and green making it ideal for photographers. The larger herds of elephants and buffalo have moved further into the Mopane woodlands, but the older bulls remain in the area where there is good food and lots of water. In general this is a great time for birders and photographers.


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