The Real Africa

The iconic African walking safari, Victoria Falls, the untamed Zambezi River, an abundance of wildlife, and untamed environment can all be found in this warm nation.
Zambia offers wonderful vacations discovering the real Africa. Zambia is blessed with amazing natural beauty, a wealth of wildlife, enormous water bodies, and large open spaces.

Zambia is known as one of the safest places in the world to travel, and its kind people live in peace and harmony. And here, in the warm heart of Africa, you’ll find some of the world’s best safari adventures, including up-close encounters with Nature in all her untamed splendor. Spectacular waterways offer thrill-seeking adventures or a laid-back playground of activities for people of all ages. Apart from the majestic Victoria Falls, seventeen stunning waterfalls offer “cascade followers” an adventure into the uninhabited remote countryside where they can get a taste of village life. Daily spectacular sunsets are virtually a given.

Why visit Zambia?

One of the most stunning, hospitable, diversified, and unspoiled nations on the entire African continent is Zambia. In addition to the magnificent Victoria Falls, Zambia boasts more natural water resources than any other country in southern Africa, including numerous additional falls scattered around the nation and the renowned Zambezi River. While bustling urban areas provide a glimpse of Zambia’s diverse culture, the several National Parks provide excellent opportunity for seeing Africa’s plains wildlife and the predators that live alongside them.

Destination Zambia beams with a thousand unique tourism endowments

  • Hosts the largest Mammal migration, where over 10 million fruit eating bats converge in the Kasanka National Park.
  • Africa’s second largest Wildebeest migration in the Liuwa National Park.
  • Natural Pool at the edge of the Victoria Falls (Devil’s Pool)
  • More than 100 mesmerizing Waterfalls spread across the Country.
  • Accommodates the World’s largest Hippo population with over 40,000 of them relaxing in the waters of Zambia
  • The Pioneers of the Legendary Walking Safari- an experience that gives you an intimate interaction with nature.
  • Home to the longest Freshwater Lake in the world – Lake Tanganyika
  • The last bullet of the first world war was fired on Zambian soil
  • Home to the world’s largest man-made lake and reservoir by volume – Lake Kariba.
  • Accommodates the source of Africa’s largest river – The Zambezi

Visit Zambia and experience the best part of Africa. Come, Let’s Explore.

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One of Africa’s fastest-growing economies

A rising number of tourists are visiting Zambia, a wealthy and diversified country in Southern Africa, reflecting the fact that it has one of Africa’s fastest-growing economies. Zambia has long been praised for its tranquil past, abundant terrain, and great natural wonders like Victoria Falls and the Zambezi River. However, in recent years, Zambia has moved up the tourism rankings due to the sheer variety of activities that are now accessible to visitors.

In reality, Zambia has a long history and a solid reputation as one of Africa’s top safari destinations, and it’s easy to understand why with its lush, sparsely inhabited rural landscapes, variety of parks, and safari activities to enjoy.

Livingstone has also earned a reputation as one of Africa’s action and extreme sports hubs, rivaling Swakopmund in Namibia and Jinja in Uganda. While the government has worked hard to ensure that none of the appeal of the wild is lost along the way, Zambia is also one of the safest countries in Africa, making it easy to get out there and enjoy the country in all its grandeur. There are also many of leisurely options if all the activity becomes a bit much.

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