Since commercial rafting on the zambezi river began in 1981, it has become more popular to the point where most travelers now usually include a zambezi rafting trip in their itineraries.

Over 50 000 people participated in the Zambezi white water rafting trip in 1997, which is currently regarded as the top white water rafting excursion in the world.


Leap and dive into the African capital of adventure. Stay at 528, a distinctive boutique guest house located in a quiet, leafy suburb, close to all restaurants and activities in Victoria Falls town (a mere 5-minute taxi ride at $4/ride). Experience activities in Victoria Falls and raft the world’s premier Whitewater River for 5 days. Fly back from the river by helicopter. The next day, travel an hour-long trip to a luxury camping safari in the heart of the Chobe National Park. You will savor delicious meals cooked over an open fire, first-rate campsites, and some of the biggest and wildest whitewater in the world while on the river trip. This journey provides a top African adventure.

Minimum Age

The age requirement is 15+. The maximum age depends on the person’s overall health and level of physical fitness.


Upon Request

Group Size

Minimum 4 participants

Physical features of the river

The Zambezi River is classified as a high volume, pool-drop river, meaning that neither the rapids nor the pools below the rapids have much exposed rock. Rapids can be found anywhere between 100 meters and 2 kilometers apart. The Gorge itself is about 750 feet deep at the takeout point and 400 feet deep at the put-in location. Over the 24 km of the one-day raft journey, the river drops about 400 feet, and its depth can reach 200 feet. The river is classified Grade 5 by the British Canoe Union due to its “extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, steep gradients, big drops, and pressure areas.” The majority of the Grade 5 whitewater are encountered. Rapid number 9, “Commercial Suicide,” is a Grade 6 rapid, and we portage around it because Grade 6 is not runnable.

There is not a lot of fauna in the Gorge because of how steep it is. Vervet primates, baboons, klipspringers, and rock hyraxes are occasionally seen. The birdlife is much more impressive, though. On the trips, it’s common to see birds such as the black eagle, augur buzzard, black stork, pied and giant kingfisher, and red-winged starling, as well as the extremely rare Taita Falcon. Because the region is unsuitable for their habitation, there are crocodiles in the river, but they are small.

The White water rafting

This expedition is a true gem, with big white water, spectacular African scenery, and warm, sunny weather. Among the trip’s many highlights is drifting at the base of the spectacular Victoria Falls, which is unquestionably one of the world’s most majestic spots to start a seven-day river trip.

The days that follow entail conquering some of the most challenging rapids, such as “Oblivion” and “Stairway to Heaven,” while the nights feature camping on vast white-sand beaches while taking in the sounds of untamed Africa.

After completing one of the most amazing excursions in the world, you head off on a three day safari that this region is famed for. A fantastic way to truly cap off your African adventure.

What should you bring for rafting?

The following items should be brought: a sleeping bag (we have these, but most people prefer to bring their own), quick-drying shorts and t-shirts, a swimming suit (or board shorts), ocean shoes, a headlamp, a towel, a tracksuit for the evenings, a cap or hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent, and toiletries. Anybody bringing a camera does so at their own risk.

Experience & Fitness

Both prior rafting experience and swimming proficiency are not prerequisites. Participants must negotiate a narrow, steep trail to enter the Gorge and a long (1.6 to 2 km) walk out in order to complete the raft journey. A person of ordinary fitness can complete the ascent out at a manageable gradient in between 30 and 45 minutes.

Rafts & Equipment

To make sure the journey is both safe and fun, the company uses some of the best gear available. The tested river rafts required for the Zambezi River are purchased from Ark in South Africa. Participants are provided with extreme high flotation life jackets and safety helmets for the rafting trips. We provide all necessary camping gear, including tents, sleeping bags (bring your own is preferred), mattresses, and dry bags.

Guides & Safety

All guides have current advanced first aid certifications and are fully qualified professionals. Even with all safety precautions, there is still a chance of getting hurt while rafting on the Zambezi. Each trip includes the carrying of a skid stretcher and a complete first aid kit. Before leaving, each participant must sign the White Water Rafting Indemnity Form. Each trip leader maintains direct radio and satellite phone contact with M.A.R.S. (Medical Air Rescue Service) and our base in Victoria Falls .

The Chobe Safari

Enjoy an amazing time during this overnight camping safari in the Chobe with a three day, two night safari.

One of the highlights of the trip is a morning boat excursion on the Chobe River in Chobe National Park, where you can get up close and personal with amazing birdlife, hippos, crocodiles, and large numbers of elephant and Cape buffalo who come to the river to quench their thirst. Have a great lunch at Coffee Buzz, and then head back to the park in one of our specially designed 4×4 game viewers for an afternoon game drive, which is the optimum time to witness large animals moving toward the river to drink in Chobe National Park.

General Information

  • In Chobe National Park, we will set up camp on solitary HATAB or BOGA sites that are part of the Exclusive Wilderness. We may be required to utilise the Ihaha public site if all the available sites are fully reserved, although this is quite uncommon.
  • Every trip will have a backup team, which includes a cook, and participation is optional or minimum.
  • Ablutions include long-drop toilets and rustic open-air bucket showers.
  • We make an effort to work two weekly departures, on Tuesdays and Fridays. In the case of groups larger than six, these set days are negotiable, and we can work out discounts for parties larger than twelve people.
  • A backup team and knowledgeable, certified professional guides will oversee each excursion.


✓ All camping equipment including spacious walk in tents with a bed roll and bedding (mattress, sheet duvet and pillow).
✓ Park fees.
✓ Food, mineral water and house wine with dinner are supplied. Dinner is a two course meal and consists of hearty ‘Bush Cuisine” cooked on open fires.


  Soft drinks
  Visas (if necessary).
Items of a personal nature (e.g. towels and toiletries).

What to pack for the Safari

  • Generally speaking, comfortable, casual attire is appropriate year-round; dull neutral colors are best.
  • Sand-filled campsites necessitate the wearing of appropriate footwear.
  • A t-shirt.
  • For the chilly mornings and evenings, wear jeans or safari pants.
  • For those early-morning game drives, a fleece or thick jumper is recommended.
  • A decent set of sunglasses.
  • Sun block, a hat and insect repellant are essential!
  • Binoculars and a camera with charged batteries – there is no electricity in the wilderness (we can charge via the cigarette lighter 12V only).
  • A torch or headlamp is essential.
  • You are welcome to bring a bottle of whisky or something similar to enjoy by the campfire.
  • Bring a towel, your own toiletries (ladies, keep in mind that there are no stores open for emergencies).
  • Any necessary medications; we do have a medical aid box with the essentials.
  • You will occasionally be exposed to the sun, so a light long sleeve shirt might be useful.
  • The easiest way to avoid the coldness in the rear of the game drive vehicle during the winter months’ early morning trips is to dress in layers. (June-Aug.)
  • As room is usually a concern on Safari, kindly try to pack lightly.
  • Please make sure you have the necessary yellow fever vaccinations in place if you have recently visited a region where there is a yellow fever outbreak.
  • Before traveling, please make sure you have reviewed the necessary Visa requirements for your nationality.
  • Not to mention a sense of humor 😜

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