“Travel opens your heart, broadens your mind, and fills your life with stories to tell.”

We enable travellers to research and reserve travel experiences and services – exquisite safari lodges, boutique hotels, flights, cars, awesome activities, relaxing tours and transfers — with the collaboration of our travel partners, that are true experts on the ground in Southern Africa.

You make a difference!

By booking our safaris and tours, you are directly contributing to conserving the future of wilderness areas and its precious wildlife. You are also directly assisting people living on the periphery of national parks and wildlife reserves to improving their lives. Our safari partners enable communities to better living conditions by offering rewarding work opportunities, responsible education and implementing community development projects. Thus, ultimately creating a safe area where all – people and wildlife – can co-exist and prosper. 

We are all connected.

With this in mind, it’s our core mission to enable you to travel and witness the beauty of the African landscape and let you discover some of Earth’s great ecosystems – where diverse and complex biological systems live in balance. It is our desire to bring you closer – to Touch Nature with all your senses – to feel connected.

Meet the people!

A journey to Africa involves learning about the history and its heritage. It is the cradle of humanity and of ancient African Kingdoms. However more recently the people have suffered exploitation and have been robbed of the capacity to shape their own destiny. With resilience and self-determination, they have risen to independence. It’s an ongoing process and many still live with the consequences of mis-governance. Yet they are such warm-hearted and welcoming people with much hope and dignity. They are proud of their ancient heritage and are willing to show their beautiful land to those that care to see and learn. A journey to Africa will leave you inspired and grateful for the joy you experience.

Our Africa Travel Specialists

We provide you with a real, authentic safari experience. Immerse yourself in the excitement of discovering something new from a different perspective. From visiting local villages to hiking through the wilderness, from canoeing on gorgeous waterways to watching the African sun slowly dip behind the horizon – we provide a complete adventure that embodies the values we uphold.

We work remotely

Embrace the freedom of remote work as we unlock a world of possibilities. Our team thrives in the realm of remote collaboration, bringing forth innovation and flexibility that knows no boundaries.

By working remotely, we transcend geographical limitations, collaborating seamlessly with colleagues and clients across the globe. The power of technology connects us effortlessly, fostering collaboration and creativity without borders. We have the opportunity to cultivate a healthy work-life balance, allowing us to spend quality time with loved ones, pursue personal passions, and engage in activities that bring us joy and fulfillment.

Ndaba Ndlovu

Africa Travel Specialist & Tourism Innovator

Meet the Innovator and Connector.

With over three decades of expertise in Adventure Travel, Hospitality, and Events Management across Africa, Ndaba is a seasoned professional in his field. Having worked on numerous projects within the travel industry and even served as a lecturer at two renowned Hospitality Management Universities in Switzerland, Ndaba discovered his true passion lied in entrepreneurship. Fueled by his unwavering passion for innovation and IT skills, he has channeled his expertise into Touch Nature Safaris, creating an online presence that offers exceptional luxury safari lodges, intimate “bed & breakfasts,” immersive cultural experiences, and captivating activity tours.

Embracing the motto of “we are leaving no one behind,” Ndaba has taken a unique and straightforward approach in developing a booking platform that aims to contribute to the recovery of tourism following recent travel restrictions. Leveraging his direct connections and friendships with both prominent safari companies and smaller self-employed operations, Ndaba ensures that Touch Nature Safaris upholds the highest standards of professionalism, while also prioritizing sustainability and conservation efforts. With his wealth of experience and deep-rooted relationships in the industry, Ndaba curates unforgettable experiences that bring you closer to an authentic Africa.

Whether you seek the luxury and refinement of a safari lodge or the personalized touch of a cozy bed and breakfast, Touch Nature Safaris caters to diverse preferences, ensuring each guest enjoys a truly immersive and memorable African adventure. Through Ndaba’s commitment to excellence and his passion for showcasing the rich tapestry of Africa’s natural wonders, cultural heritage, and wildlife conservation, Touch Nature Safaris promises an unforgettable journey that celebrates the authentic spirit of Africa.

Rita Griffin

Africa Travel Specialist

Passion and Love for Africa.

Drawn to the continent by her desire to witness wildlife thriving in their natural habitats, Rita initially embarked on a scientific career. However, fate had different plans, leading her into the world of tourism. Driven by an unwavering urge to share the awe-inspiring beauty of the African wilderness with others, Rita pursued her passion and became one of the few female professional safari guides in Botswana. Through her expert guidance, she immersed safari guests in the wonders of the natural habitat, ensuring every participant experienced remarkable moments that would forever be cherished.

As Rita traversed the diverse landscapes of the Okavango Delta, the Makgadikgadi salt pans, the Kalahari Desert, and the Tsodilo Hills—home to the San communities—her understanding of the land and its people deepened. These experiences nurtured a rich knowledge and appreciation for the intricate connection between nature and culture.

In more recent years, Rita found a home with her family in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Embracing motherhood, she transitioned to the organizational side of the safari business. Nonetheless, her passion for nature continued to burn bright as she motivated fellow nature enthusiasts to venture further afield, discovering the untamed beauty of the world and experiencing the enchantment of the wild animal kingdom.

With Touch Nature Safaris, Rita and her team invite you to embark on a journey that will bring you closer to the authentic essence of Africa. Through their profound understanding, genuine love for the continent, and commitment to preserving its natural wonders, they curate unforgettable experiences that will leave a lasting imprint on your soul. Let Touch Nature Safaris be your gateway to an extraordinary encounter with the untamed splendor of Africa.

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Our Story

Touch Nature was founded on the premise that we should travel to and engage with places and people in Africa. We believe that traveling broadens the mind and transforms one’s perspective. The people you meet and the experiences you have enable you to develop a deeper empathy toward various people and circumstances. As opposed to what television portrays, learn about the true Africa and its welcoming people.

The greatest way to understand Africa and how it works is through travel. We evolved to this point thanks to our prior experiences working in travel, traveling, and living in Africa. 

Agencies | Touch Nature Safaris - About Us

Our Mission

Through innovative travel, we want to connect people with meaningful experiences to enable them to see and experience The Real Africa.

“Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but photos, kill nothing but time.”

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