Helicopter Flights 13 minutes

In Victoria Falls, the “Flight of Angels” is the most popular helicopter flight. When you arrive at the helicopter launch site, the Victoria Falls will be a spectacular natural backdrop. Your helicopter flight path will be outlined on a beautifully illustrated map by a friendly member of the crew after they give you a brief but informative safety briefing.

You will then board the helicopter, and the fun will start. Following a flawless takeoff, you will travel in the direction of the Victoria Falls. The anticipation rises as you get closer to the falls. Only from a helicopter flight can you completely comprehend the Victoria Falls’ immense size. The helicopter will make several turns, both clockwise and counterclockwise. This provides amazing views and photo possibilities of the Victoria Falls and the Batoka Gorge below for guests on both sides of the helicopter.

You will start your return to the helicopter pad once the helicopter has completed a number of orbits. You’ll make a brief ascent up the river. The helicopter offers stunning views of the Zambezi River. You will make a left turn and be ready to land after flying over Kalunda Island.

You will be able to see some images and a video from your adventure when you have safely landed. You can buy these pictures and DVDs of your helicopter flight. You will then be returned to your lodging so you can get ready for your upcoming Victoria Falls excursion.

Try the 25-minute Zambezi Spectacular Helicopter Flight for a lengthier flight and the chance to see more of the Batoka Gorge and fly above the Zambezi National Park.

Helicopter Flights 25 minutes

The 25-minute Zambezi Spectacular helicopter flight is just as spectacular as its name implies. The initial route of this helicopter trip will be the same as that of the shorter Flight of Angels. After viewing the Victoria Falls, instead of flying back home, you will continue on to the spectacular Batoka Gorge and other strikingly different landscapes. Observe the enormous fractures in the earth that the Victoria Falls have cut out over millions of years.

After viewing the Batoka Gorge, you will fly over Victoria Falls once more and continue up the Zambezi River. The helicopter will veer left and fly over the Zambezi National Park once you are a considerable distance upstream. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to see some wildlife, like elephants, buffalo, and numerous antelope.

Helicopter Flights
Helicopter Flights

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