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Signing up is simple. You'll need a working email address. On completion of sign up, you will receive an email with a link to confirm your email address. You will be taken to the login page. Enter your user details you signed up with, select your FREE package, complete details, complete bank transfer and your personal dashboard will open.

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This is where it starts to get interesting. Get creative with describing your services. Be as clear and direct as possible. Complete your price, use good quality pictures of your facilities and services. Remember, pictures sell, and this is your opportunity to drive interest to your listing.

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Let the power of Touch Nature drive bookings your way. Complete your payment details to receive payment for your services within 24hrs after your booking check-in. We take a 20% booking fee. That was easy, right?

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Why be a Local Expert

Earn an additional income

In 2019, the average host earnings for listings with four or more rooms were $28,143, a significant increase from 2018, when hosts earned an average of $17,808.

Reimagine what we could do together

In order to facilitate more international travel to Africa, we are developing goods and cutting-edge solutions that fill in gaps and remove obstacles. We have the opportunity to reimagine a more seamless, inventive, and robust travel industry with the aid of our partners. We're confident that you support our lofty goals. Join Touch Nature and help us in our mission to open up travel to Africa to everyone in the world.

Utilise your excess rooms, tours and experiences

People have begun to share their surplus rooms with travelers as a result of the pandemic's impact on their finances. Tour guides and travel specialists are sharing their passion with travelers. What could be more rewarding than being paid for doing what you love—hosting, guiding, and giving your guests unforgettable experiences?

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I receive my payment?

You must choose your payout choice in the Payments & Payouts area of your account in order to receive payments on Touch Nature. Depending on where you are located, payment options include Western Union, PayPal, and bank transfers among others.

How do I update or extend my availabilities?

As a host, you have access to choices that let you change the price and availability parameters at any time you wish to do so. 1. Use your various calendars 2. Select a date range next to the listing(s) you want to manage. 3. On the right-hand side of your screen, select your pricing and availability parameters, then click Save. Please be aware that we reserve the right to block your calendar if you haven't submitted all the necessary information for your account.

How do I upload products?

Use stunning photos to highlight your location or services; they will help potential guests select you. Make sure your images are at least 1024 by 683 pixels in resolution. When in doubt, a larger image is recommended. You will always have a preview before going to live. This way you can ensure your images look great.

Is a business license required?

A business license might be necessary for some experiences, depending on the activities involved. Check your local laws to see what permits could be necessary for your activity, especially if there will be food, alcohol, or transportation. It is the partner's responsibility to ensure the local laws and permits are adhered to.

Are you ready to become a local partner?

Do you have any questions on how to get started or any other questions, get in touch with one of our Customer Success Travel Experts.

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