Rocky and rugged landscapes

The “Damaraland, which is a part of Namibia Kunene Region, is situated between the Brandberg and the quaint town of Sesfontein. The Damaraland is distinguished for its craggy, fascinatingly beautiful landscapes.

The Damara language group’s speakers reside in this region, hence the former moniker “Damaraland,” which is currently solely used to describe a region and for tourism.

Climate of the Damaraland

The Damaraland endures extremely high temperatures of up to 40°C throughout the summer months of November through March. The annual rainfall is meager and occasionally nonexistent. Numerous broad, dry riverbeds meander, and when it rains heavily, they quickly turn into raging rivers.

Damaraland Flora and Fauna

The region’s flora and fauna have developed ideal adaptations to the extreme heat and periodic droughts. Elephants that live in the desert may trek for miles in dry river beds in quest of water thanks to their long limbs and broad soles, which help them survive the harsh rock and sand desert. Desert lions, which are in grave risk of extinction, have also adjusted to the dry climate. The Damaraland is home to many rare desert plants, including the old Welwitshia Mirabilis and the deadly yet attractive Euphorbia Virosa.

Twyfelfontein: a UNESCO World Heritage Site and unique rock engravings

Twyfelfontein is the name of a valley in the Damara highlands, about 70 km west of Khorixas, which translates to “doubtful fountain” or “Fountain of Doubt.” The Damara, who called the valley Uri-Ais (jumping fountain) in their language, lived in the valley.

White farmers moved into the valley in 1947, but the fountain had intermittent water supply and was unreliable. Due to the Odendaal plan, which moved the native Namibian population in “Homelands,” the white settlers abandoned the farms in 1964.

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