Pure Wilderness and Beauty

Based on its pristine nature and beauty, Mana Pools National Park is a WORLD HERITAGE SITE. It is also home to a variety of mammals, over 350 bird species, and aquatic creatures. According to Gateway magazine, Mana Pools National Park is the fifth-best park in Africa.

It is a superb location for traditional safaris and is home to a wide variety of animals. On a Zambezi canoe safari, tourists float by crocodile and hippos as the banks are dotted with buffalo, elephants, hyenas, and other species. The Dry season, which runs from June to October, is the greatest time to see wildlife in Mana Pools National Park. Due to the dry weather’s thinning of the forest and the concentration of wildlife near the Zambezi River, animals are easier to spot.

At full moon, walking safaris are available. Visitors will be led by our partner professional guides on a 3-day journey through the park’s undeveloped wilderness. Visitors must be physically healthy and bring their own toiletries, personal items and rucksacks. For those who appreciate the outdoors and the challenge of going up against nature alone, this is a special experience. A rare and special activity in an African park with such dangerous animals. All walking safaris are included in your safari package. Canoeing is another fantastic activity included in your package. This is one of the major activities in Mana Pools. Visitors can also fish in the Zambezi River and experience the excitement of hooking large fish for the pot. Half of the joy is experiencing the quiet, solitude and beauty of the unspoiled bush around you.

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