The country’s oldest national park

The oldest national park in Zimbabwe is Matobo National Park, one of many that are part of the world heritage list. It is located close to Bulawayo. The Matopo Hills, a collection of granite kopjes (rock formations) developed more than 2 billion years ago, is one of its magnificent features.

Zimbabwe’s first occupants, the “San,” lived in the caverns and fissures cut out of these rocks forty thousand years ago. Using unique colors and natural minerals that have withstood the test of time and the ravages of climate, “San” artists started painting on the walls of caves and rock shelters twenty thousand years later.

The grave of Cecil John Rhodes and World’s View are also included in the recreational area. Both black rhinos and white rhinos are among the wildlife. The park offers fantastic camping and picnic areas that look out onto Maleme Dam.

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