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A worldwide ban on travel was imposed due to the COVID epidemic. This led to a great deal of misery in Africa, as many travel-related businesses went out of business entirely. Their employees being laid off has a domino effect on everyone who depended on that revenue. In Africa, there are about seven more people who depend on the income of each worker.

With travel expanding and opening completely in some regions, we want to support anyone who has a passion for travel and tourism. You could make new or extra income by offering your services to any visitor to your country and neighborhood.

Do you operate a licensed small inn or motel, a guest house, bed & breakfast, small tour company, car hire, transfers vehicles or perhaps a freelance local guide? If the answer to this question is yes, then let us work together and boost our tourism recovery.


Partner Options

Why become a local partner?

Get motivated to start hosting so you can start meeting new people and earning additional income & become our partner options. You establish your own hosting schedule as the local partner. You can set a cap on the number of nights visitors can stay. When and how you host is completely in your hands.

Make sure visitors are satisfied

Whatever the range of the services you provide, you ensure the finest experience for visitors by prioritizing quality and safety above all else. As a local partner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your activity complies with local regulations, whether that means buying liability insurance, confirming that you have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide the services, or obtaining the necessary licenses for your operations under any applicable local laws and ordinances, such as operator licenses from the authorities and parks board.

Partner Options

Work at your own pace and with complete independence and freedom.

Maintain control over your offerings. You establish the terms of your interaction with guests and choose your own timetable. Whatever your objectives are, our resources and innovative tools can assist you in achieving them.

Creating a compelling description of your location & services partner options

Give guests precise, accurate details so they can visualize themselves in your area and participating in your offerings. You don’t need to offer flawless goods or services to attract customers, but you do need to make sure they know exactly what to expect when they arrive. One of the finest strategies to manage expectations and book reservations is to write a fantastic description of your establishment and services. Here’s how to entice visitors to book your accommodations and use your services.

Make a compelling title.

Visitors read the headline of your listing first, and that, together with your cover photo, entices them to browse the rest of the listing page. Use it to draw attention to the best features of your area.

Here are a few outstanding title examples:

  • Cozy cabin with a kitchen for the chef
  • Pet-friendly studio close to JNB
  • A beachfront house with sea kayaks

You have a few characters, including spaces, to pique visitors’ curiosity about your establishment. WHY SO FEW? On tablets and smartphones, which account for 75% of all user searches, shorter names perform better.

Only capitalise proper names (like “Johannesburg” and conventional abbreviations (like “CBD”), avoid using emojis or symbols.

Concentrate on unique qualities

In marketplaces, there are millions of different locations to stay. Spend some time considering the qualities that truly distinguish yours, such as its setting or amenities, in order to describe what makes it unique.

Depending on the circumstances, you might observe:

  • Two of the top craft breweries in town are within a 10-minute walk from us.
  • The renowned mountain biking routes in the vicinity are just a 15-minute bike ride or 5-minute drive away.

Try getting ideas from other hosts’ listing descriptions by reading their reviews & Partner Options. You can find out what details and features people value the most in a listing.

Describe your offering in detail.

Your description is where you market your property, and great marketing relies heavily on storytelling. To write a convincing description, you don’t need to be a great writer, but you do need to utilize clear, persuasive language.

If you don’t know where to start, talk to a buddy and explain what it’s like to stay at your residence. The most crucial information will probably be revealed right away, in a casual manner that creates a compelling listing description Partner Options.

The narrative you share can focus on the experience you provide visitors. Have a condo on the top level with lots of trees for shade? You’ll think you’re in a log cabin. A basic hotel room in the city might serve as “the ideal base for exploring the city.”

Keep it short

Visitors looking for accommodations frequently skim listing descriptions for essential details without reading the entire text. So that potential guests don’t have to waste time looking for the information, keep your listing description brief and place the most crucial information at the top.

On the same vein, avoid restating information you’ve already provided. The amenities checklist, for instance, can be used to list all the facilities your facility offers, such as wifi, parking, and air conditioning. By doing so, you can keep your description brief while still guaranteeing that your property will show up when visitors filter their searches for those facilities.

Be frank and authentic.

Exaggerating or overselling your property might result in customer dissatisfaction and unfavorable reviews. Being truthful aids visitors in determining whether your location suits their needs prior to making a reservation.

“Be sure to describe the characteristics of your property in your listing.” “Explain them in a way that is straightforward and honest without being off-putting. To enable your visitors to choose the property they desire, you should be sufficiently transparent. partner options

Aspects of your home that might be difficult for some visitors, such as those with limited mobility, small children, or pets, should be highlighted and added as accessibility features. You can provide this information in your listing descriptions.

Pictures speak louder than words

A guest’s decision to book your space is greatly influenced by your photos, and subtitles provide you the chance to link the images to the experiences they will have. If you’re having trouble coming up with a caption for a picture, consider what you might contribute that the camera might not have captured with our partner options.

If you’re showing off a bedroom, make sure to let your visitors know how big the bed is and, if applicable, what kind of mattress it has. Have a picture of a comfortable window bench? You could say that it’s the perfect spot to unwind with a book as the sun sets.

Get inspired! Earn money by entertaining guests and taking them on adventures you enjoy.

Your hotel, rental, tour, or activity is now ready to be listed. Simply register and add a new listing to your profile’s member section to get started.

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